Saturday, 9 September 2017

A Selection of Books offered at half the marked prices...

The following books contain a bookplate stuck in by the previous owner asking for the books to be donated to the BTO. In the end the books were purchased by us from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust who had received them when the owner died.

The books are being offered at half the marked price (+ postage) - contact us via the contact page.

Asher,J et al Millenium Atlas of Butterflies in Brit & Ire. (2001) rep F/VG bookplate 40.00
Beolens,B/Watkins,M Whose Bird? 2003 pbk VG+  bookplate 15.00
Birkhead,M/Perrins,C The Mute Swan.  1986 VG/VG bookplate 12.00
Bishop,B Cley Marsh and its Birds. 1983 VG/VG bookplate 15.00
Blakers,M et al The Atlas of Australian Birds. 1984 hbk VG bookplate 20.00
Bright,M The Private Life of Birds. 1993 VG/VG bookplate 10.00
Burton,JF Birds and Climate Change. 1995 VG/VG bookplate 10.00
Catchpole,C/Slater,P Bird Song: biological themes and variations. 1995 VG/VG bookplate 30.00
Chandler,D/Couzens,D 100 Birds to See Before You Die. 2008 F/F bookplate 10.00
Clark,JM/Eyre,JA Birds of Hampshire. 1993 VG/VG bookplate 20.00
Couzens,D Extreme Birds from the fastest to the smartest. 2008 F/F bookplate 15.00
Dixon,TS The Birds of Riverview. 1980 VG/VG bookplate 10.00
Dunning,JS South American Birds: a photo aid to ID. 1987 VG pbk bookplate 25.00
Elphick,J ed Atlas of Bird Migration. 1996 F/F bookplate 10.00
Fuller,RJ Bird Life of Woodland & Forest. 1995 VG/VG bookplate 30.00
Gore,MJ/Won,P The Birds of Korea. 1971 VG/repaired dw, minor loss ow G bookplate 50.00
Hume,R Birds by Character: a Field Guide to Jizz Id. 1990 VG/VG bookplate 15.00
Hume,R Life with Birds: reflections of a naturalist. 2005 VG/VG bookplate 10.00
Hume,R/Pearson,B Seabirds. 1993 F/F Hamlyn Bird Behaviour Guides. bookplate 12.00
James,P ed Birds of Sussex. 1996 VG/VG bookplate 25.00
Lack,P/Ferguson,D The Birds of Buckinghamshire. 1993 VG/VG bookplate 15.00
McCarthy,M Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo. 2009 F/F bookplate 10.00
Mearns,B&R Biographies for Birdwatchers. 1988 VG/VG bookplate 40.00
Morris,R/Smith,H Wild South: saving NZ endangered birds. 1988 pbk VG bookplate 10.00
O'Connor/Shrubb Farming and Birds. 1990 pbk ed VG bookplate 10.00
Oddie,B Birdwatching with Bill Oddie. 1988 VG/G+ bookplate 10.00
Pemberton,J ed Who's Who in Ornithology. 1997 VG/VG bookplate 20.00
Sibley/Monroe Distribution & Taxonomy of Birds of World. 1990 VG/VG bookplate 30.00
Sielmann,H My Year With the Woodpeckers. 1959 VG/G+ BC ed bookplate 10.00
Snow,D   Birds, Discovery & Conservation. 1992 VG/VG 100yrs of BOC b'plate 10.00
Standley,P et al The Birds of Berkshire. 1996 VG/VG bookplate 12.00
Tucker,GM et al Birds in Europe: their conservation status. 1994 pbk VG bookplate 10.00
Turner,AK The Swallow. 1994 VG Hamlyn Species Guide bookplate 10.00
Voous,KH Owls of the Northern Hemisphere. 1988 VG/VG bookplate 40.00
Wallace,I Beguiled by Birds. 2004 F/F bookplate 25.00
Walters,M A Concise History of Ornithology. 2003 F/F bookplate 20.00
Waterhouse,M The Strange Death of Birdsong. 2004 pbk VG bookplate 10.00
Wells,MG World Bird Species Checklist. 1998 VG/VG bookplate 10.00
Wood,S Birds of Essex. 2007 F/F bookplate 30.00
Wyllie,I The Cuckoo. 1981 VG/VG bookplate 10.00
Yaminshina,Y Birds in Japan. 1961 VG/VG bookplate 18.00